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Learn How to Read Arabic Sentences

Lesson 9

9th sentence

'uriidu-dh-dhihaaba 'ilaa-l-maTaar


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Means: I want to go to the airport

'uriidu = I want, adh-dhihaab = going, al-maTaar = the airport

1-Note that the dhaal in the second word has a shadda over it.

2-When the laam of the definite article al- is followed by a dhaal, the laam is not pronounced. Instead, the dhaal becomes doubled. This is because dhaal belongs to a category of letters called the "sun letters". These will be explained in detail in the e-book part of this course.

3-Any "sun letter" following immediately after the definite article al-, follows the above rule. The laam is not pronounced, and instead, the "sun letter" doubles.

4-The sun letters are: taa', thaa', daal, dhaal, raa', zaay, siin, shiin, Saad, Daad, Taa', Zaa', laam & nuun.

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