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Learn How to Read Arabic Sentences

Lesson 7

7th sentence

al-ma'kuulaatu-l-3arabiyyatu tu3jibunii jiddan


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Means: I like Arabic food a lot

al-ma'kuulaat = the foods, al-3arabiyya = the Arabic,
tu3jibunii =
they please me, jiddan = a lot

1-Note the position of the hamza in al-ma'kuulaatu. It is carried by the 'alif.

2-When 'alif carries a hamza, this 'alif is no longer pronounced as aa.

3-In such cases, the role of the 'alif is solely to be the carrier of the hamza.

4-Accordingly, we read the word as al-ma'kuulaatu, and not al-maa'kuulaatu.

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