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Learn How to Read Arabic Sentences

Lesson 5

5th sentence

'anta tatakallamu-l-3arabiyyata bi-Talaaqa


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Means: You speak Arabic fluently

'anta = you, tatakallamu = you speak,
al-3arabiyya =
the Arabic language, bi-Talaaqa = fluently

A flattering compliment, which the ambitious Arabic-learner is sooner or later likely to hear.

Note the following:

1-The 'alif and laam of al-3arabiyyata are the definite article (al-), corresponding to the English "the".

2-The pronunciation of the 'alif of al-3arabiyyata merges with the Damma of the preceding word, tatakallamu. Although the 'alif is written, we don't hear it pronounced.

3-Accordingly, it would be wrong to read it as tatakallamu al-3arabiyyata.

4-The tanwiin of bi-Talaaqatin is not pronounced, because it comes last in the sentence. Any tanwiin or short vowel coming last in a sentence, should not be pronounced.

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