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Learn the Arabic alphabet:

tanwiinListen: tanwiin

tanwiin is a grammatical suffix (an "attachment" to the end of the word), but we will not discuss its meaning at this stage.

tanwiin is only mentioned here because the tanwiin Damma (see example in the centre below) will appear in the word examples of the alphabet lessons.

There are 3 versions of tanwiin, and they only appear at the end of words.

See below for the pronunciation of the 3 versions of tanwiin.

The three versions of tanwiin, shown in combination with the letter baa'

tanwiin kasra tanwiin Damma tanwiin fatHa
tanwiin kasra tanwiin Damma tanwiin fatHa
Pronounced bin Pronounced bun Pronounced ban
Listen: bin Listen: bun Listen: ban
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