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taa' marbuuTa: isolated form

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taa' marbuuTaListen: taa' marbuuTa

On the right is the basic (isolated) form of the letter taa' marbuuTa.

taa' marbuuTa ("the tied-up taa'") is a combination of the
letters haa' and taa'. It only appears at the end of a word.

taa' marbuuTa is basically a silent haa'. Always preceded by a fatHa, we pronounce it like a.

When taa' marbuuTa is pronounced together with a following suffix, for example -un, we pronounce it as -atun. Similarly, if taa' marbuuTa is followed by a Damma, it is pronounced -atu, if followed by a kasra, it is pronounced -ati, etc.

taa' marbuuTa mostly signifies the feminine ending of a word.

There are only 2 forms of taa' marbuuTa
taa' marbuuTa: end-isolated
taa' marbuuTa: end-joined

Examples of words with taa' marbuuTa
sa3aadatun madiinatun
Listen: sa3aadatun Listen: madiinatun

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