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Learn the Arabic alphabet:

Intro to the Short Vowels

There are 3 short vowels in Arabic, called fatHa, Damma and kasra.

They are written above or below the consonants they follow..

Like we said earlier, Arabic is mostly written using only consonants, i.e. the short vowels are not added. Throughout this course, however, texts are fullly vocalized with short vowels and suffixes.

So, when a text doesn't have short vowels, how will the reader know how to read it?

Arabic grammar is tightly structured, and words are built according to set formulas. This enables the reader to know where the short vowels should be, and with some practice it becomes second nature.

The three short vowels:

Short vowels: kasra Short vowels: Damma Short vowels: fatha
kasraListen: kasra DammaListen: Damma fatHaListen: fatHa
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